‚ÄčB-BBEE Solutions

Ownership Solutions

Our client base ranges from Exempt Micro Enterprises to Qualifying Small Enterprises to big corporates and to large multi-nationals. All our solutions are pre-approved by verification agents and our legal team. This gives the client peace of mind before embarking on their B-BBEE journey. Our legal team at Lanham-Love Van Reenen provides the necessary legal services and agreements.

Our solutions set includes:
  • Direct ownership
  • Distribution networks
  • Agencies
  • Employee Share Ownership Schemes (ESOPS)
  • Broad Based Ownership Schemes (BBOS)
  • Sale of Asset transactions
  • Restructuring your business to make the most B-BBEE sense
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Consulting and Strategic Workshops

LLC works hand-in-hand with our clients on an on-going basis. We manage and implement their B-BBEE strategy together over the year. We run quarterly reviews, gap analysis and board pack reporting around their B-BBEE strategy and its effectiveness. We workshop and take corrective action as and when is needed. 

  • General B-BBEE Strategy creation
  • Ownership solution and creation of strategy
  • Procurement strategies and solutions
  • Enterprise and Supplier Development strategy and solutions
  • Skills strategy
  • General training
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