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Definitions of Concepts


Any reference to 'the Act' means the B-BBEE Act

Transformation Sectors:

Section 12 of the Act refers to the gazetting of Transformation Charters. These are also referred to as Sector Charters, developed by major stakeholders in the relevant industries, and seek to achieve broad-based transformation.

Sector Charters

These are the same as Transformation Charters and are developed by major stakeholders in the relevant industries. They are referred to as Sector Charters for as long as they are gazetted under Section 12 of the Act.

Draft Sector Codes

These refer to Sector Charters that have been submitted to the dti for gazetting in terms of Section 9(5) of the Act.

Sector Codes of Good Practice 2007 (Sector Codes)

These refer to the Draft Sector Charters that have been gazetted in terms of Section 9(1) of the Act.

Government Gazette No. 29617 (Main Codes)

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